BTS J-Hope’s Military Enlistment: Big Hit Releases Follow-Up Announcement

With BTS’s J-Hope is about to join the army, a follow-up notice related to his military enlistment has been posted.

On April 1, Big Hit Music, BTS’s management company, released a follow-up announcement regarding J-Hope’s upcoming military enlistment.

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J-Hope, born Jung Ho Seok, will be the second member of BTS to enlist after Jin. According to Big Hit Music’s official statement, “J-Hope is scheduled to enlist in the active duty army for fulfilling his mandatory military service.” 

However, the company clarified that no official events would be held on the day of his enlistment at the training camp.

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Big Hit Music also urged fans to refrain from visiting the enlistment site as it would cause congestion and pose safety risks for everyone involved. 

Instead, the company asked fans to send their warm support and encouragement to J-Hope during his military service.

Jin, the oldest member of BTS, began his military service on December 13, 2022, and is currently serving in the 5th Infantry Division of the Army in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province. 

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The remaining members of BTS are expected to fulfill their military obligations one by one, in accordance with South Korean laws.

The following is the full text of Big Hit Music’s official statement.


This Big Hit Music.

Thank you to the fans who always love BTS, and here is a follow-up notice to J-Hope’s military enlistment.

J-Hope will join the army as an active soldier to fulfill his military duty, and there will be no official event on the day he enters the boot camp.

The entrance ceremony for the boot camp is a place where many soldiers and their families join. To prevent safety accidents caused by on-site congestion, we ask fans to refrain from visiting the site. Please send warm greetings and encouragement to J-Hope only with your heart.

j hope

Please be careful not to suffer damage from various tours or package products that use artist IP without permission. We will take appropriate action against commercial activities using artist IP without permission.

Please continue to support and love J-Hope until he returns healthy from his military service. We will also spare no effort in continuously supporting our artists.

Thank you.”

Source: Wikitree

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