BLACKPINK Jisoo reveals that she’s never had a tooth implant, “Even her teeth are pretty”

BLACKPINK member Jisoo (real name Kim Ji Soo) explained the misunderstanding that she underwent a tooth treatment.

On May 12gh, a video showing behind the scenes of the episodes featuring BLACKPINK Jisoo, IVE Ahn Yu Jin, LE SSERAFIM Kim Chae Won, Jang Ki Ha, etc. was uploaded on the Youtube channel “No Prepare”.


In the video, Lee Young Ji asked Jisoo if she likes ice cream. In response, the female idol said, “I don’t really like ice cream”, adding “It’s kind of weird if I tell you this… because it’s too cold”, drawing attention.

Jisoo said, “It’s cold when I’m eating this”. Lee Young Ji then suddenly asked, “Did you get a tooth implant? Do you have a dental problem?”.

Jisoo showed her teeth and said, “No, they’re my teeth. But all the people around me think that I’ve got an implant”, referring to the misunderstanding.


It turns out that the dental procedure mentioned by the two is not an ‘implant’, which involves planting teeth, but rather the ‘laminate’ procedure used to whiten and even out front teeth. This procedure involves removing some of the teeth and then attaching a dental restoration made of resin adhesive. Many celebrities are known to have received this treatment. The fact that Jisoo’s teeth are so even and white seems to have caused such a misunderstanding.

Lee Young Ji wondered, “I’m sorry, but can I touch it for once?”, then showed admiration for the arrangement of Jisoo’s teeth. The production team also exclaimed, “Even her teeth are pretty.”

Source: Nate

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