This famous actress almost quitted acting after being demeaned for her weight and appearance 

A famous actress drew attention after confessing that her appearance was harshly criticized by film producers. 

An actress who captivated many fans with her excellent acting skills and is now an “trustworthy face” recently confessed that she was about to give up acting. According to her, she faced strong criticisms of her appearance. 

Florence Pugh

Hearing this, many fans expressed disbelief, seeing that the actress has since become a star well-adored by many people. 

The actress actually admitted this in an interview with the British media The Telegraph, saying that industry insiders tried to change everything about her, from her weight, look, the shape of her face, to the shape of her eyebrows. 

Florence Pugh

At the time, she was greatly depressed by her appearance, and thought that her career was over, believing that she had “made a massive mistake” by choosing to pursue acting. 

However, just as she was about to quit, she passed an audition, fell back in love with cinema, and gained confidence in acting again. After this event, she also continuously struck one hit after another, and became well-recognized for her acting skills. 

Florence Pugh

This actress is none other than Florence Pugh, who appeared in “Black Widow” and “Little Women”. 

Fans were greatly shocked after learning that Pugh, who was loved for her innocent and chic appearance, was criticized for every part of her visuals.

Florence Pugh

In the same interview, Florence Pugh also drew attention by saying that it is easy to be swayed by the opinions of others in the entertainment industry, but she realized at the age of 19 what kind of performer she wanted to become.

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