BTS, TWICE, EXO and even Justin Bieber will attend MAMA 2021? Netizens think it’s unbelievable!

If this lineup really appeared at MAMA 2021, it would be “insane”!

One of the award ceremonies that Kpop fans look forward to the most at the end of the year is the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2021 (MAMA 2021). This year’s MAMA will take place on December 11, 2021. Aside from the prizes and heated vote races, the list of participating artists usually gets fans’ attention.

MAMA 2021 lineups

Knets were recently taken aback by a tremendous lineup that was rumored to appear at this year’s MAMA. A long list of famous names appeared, including BTS, TWICE, EXO, Red Velvet, SEVENTEEN, NCT 127, ITZY… AKB48, NiziU, and Justin Bieber are among the international artists on the list.

MAMA 2021 lineups
Artists rumored to appear at MAMA 2021: BTS
MAMA 2021 lineups
MAMA 2021 lineups
Red Velvet
MAMA 2021 lineups
Even the owner of the hit “Stay” that rocked the Korean digital music chart, Justin Bieber, also appeared on this list
MAMA 2021 lineups
JYP’s Japanese group NiziU is also said to participate in MAMA 2021.

As these artists mentioned above are all famous stars, Knet instantly believed that this rumored list was “unreal,” impossible.

  • 1. [+462, -2] Justin Bieber…??
  • 2. [+457, -4] No but why are they always showing those Japanese groups?
  • 3. [+327, -6] I seriously can’t understand why Niziu is there
  • 4. [+111, -0] This sucks… The lineup feels so random 
  • 5. [+64, -0] Kids, this has to be f*cking fake;;;;
  • 6. [+31, -0] F*ck don’t joke around 

It’s entirely speculative. Currently, MAMA has only confirmed that the host of the show is Lee Hyori. MAMA 2021 will be place on December 11, with the theme “Make Some Noise,” and will be aired live throughout the world.

Source: K14

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