“Crazier than Berlin in part 1,” Park Hae-soo hinted a spoiler of part 2 of “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area”

Actor Park Hae-soo talked about the 2nd part of “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area.”

On Jun 28th, an interview with Park Hae-soo, who showed his flawless acting skills by playing Berlin in Netflix’s “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area Part 1,” was released.

During the interview, Park Hae-soo directly talked about the 2nd part of “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area,” which has already finished filming, receiving the attention of many viewers.

Money Heist Korea

The six-episode “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area Part 2” will be released in the second half of this year, and the exact date is still unknown.

Park Hae-soo said, “I heard that Part 2 is much more fun and dynamic.”

Park Hae-soo said, “The purpose of each character will be revealed and their conflict will intensify. Internal and external conflicts will go through the roof,” he said.

Park Hae-soo

Park Hae-soo was confident that part 2 would be fun enough to look forward to as it will flow into a slightly different storyline from the original Netflix Spanish original series “Money Heist.”

At the same time, Park Hae-soo predicted, “We will be able to see someone even crazier than Berlin in Part 2. In “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area Part 1,” Berlin played an important role in raising the tension of the plot by arguing with other robbers, so Park Hae-soo’s words greatly raised expectations for “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area Part 2.”

Money Heist Korea

Director Kim Hong-sun also appeared to talk about “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area Part 2.”

At the time, director Kim Hong-sun said, “The plot in part 2 has many new settings that are different from the original,” adding, “It will get more and more interesting.”

Director Kim Hong-sun added, “There will be more conflicts between the characters and the brain fights between police and robbers will become even more fierce.”

money heist korea

Meanwhile, according to Netflix’s global chart on Jun 29th, “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area Part 1” ranked first on the weekly global TV series (non-English) category from the 20th to the 26th of June.

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