Jiyeon is busy after her honeymoon? “Gangnam Zombie” press conference was held without the lead actress

On the afternoon of January 4th, the press conference for the movie “Gangnam Zombie” was held at Lotte Cinema Konkuk Univ.

On this day, director Lee Soo Seong and lead actor Ji Il Joo attended the event. T-ara’s Jiyeon, the lead actress, was absent.

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Jiyeon married baseball player Hwang Jae Kyun on December 10, and went on a honeymoon to the Maldives right after the wedding. She had a busy schedule ahead of the release of the movie in which she took on a lead role.

Despite having returned from her honeymoon, Jiyeon did not attend the official event for “Gangnam Zombie”, leaving regrets for the fans. 

In particular, movies emphasize the duty of leading actors to faithfully participate in promotional activities. It raises curiosity about what special circumstances caused Jiyeon to miss the premiere of “Gangnam Zombie.”

Gangnam Zombie

Ji Il Joo and Lee Soo Seong tried to fill the vacancy of the lead actress by speaking on behalf of Jiyeon, who was unable to attend.

Ji Il Joo said, “I have known Park Jiyeon personally for more than 10 years. We got to know each other privately. We were already close, so we were able to reduce the time we got familiar with each other. She is a bright friend to work with. She communicates well without hesitation and is a good colleague.”

Director Lee Soo Seong said, “Actress Park Jiyeon is a third-degree taekwondo player., so she is favorable to action. Thanks to that, her role has changed more progressively than expected. In the movie, there are scenes where she rescues Ji Il Joo twice, which is a change from the original content. That’s how good her acting in action scenes is.” 

Gangnam Zombie

Meanwhile, “Gangnam Zombie” is a comical zombie action film about people risking their lives to survive in Gangnam, which has become the center of chaos as people with unknown symptoms appear.

As a collaboration between K-Zombie and Gangnam, which are highly recognized overseas, the movie was pre-sold to 134 countries around the world even before its release. It will be released on January 5th. 

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