A fan of Jung Joon Young for 5 years released a documentary, “One day, my oppa became a criminal”

Recently, a person who had been Jung Joon Young’s fan for 5 years filmed an 80-minute documentary.

This documentary was officially selected to compete in the documentary category at the 26th Busan International Film Festival. The documentary is titled “Successful fan”, and it is Director Oh Se Yeon’s first long film.

The Synopsis started with a self-confession, “Singer Jung Joon Young was arrested in court on charges of illegally filming and distributing sexual intercourse scenes, group sexual assaults, and quasi-rape. When the whole world was pointing fingers at him, there were still fans in fan cafe who believed in him. I couldn’t laugh at them and hate them.”

Then, Director Oh wrote, “The reason was when his name was mentioned in a similar incident in 2016, I remembered someone had stood on his side regardless of anything. That ‘someone’ was me. It was because I had been a fan of singer Jung Joon Young for more than 5 years and especially, I had been a ‘successful fan’. People around said that only the target I supported was right. At the moment, there are fandoms that still support Seung Ri, Park Yoo Chun, and Park Hak Mo, who claims the invalidity of Park Geun Hee’s impeachment. I used to stand on the side of being an extreme supporter, but now I take a step away to meet these fans and ask them questions. How have you and your idols been?”. She ended the Synopsis with a question.

Jung Joon Young

In the Director’s Statement part, Oh Se Yeon said:

“In March 2019, the existence of the “Jung Joon Young’s chatroom” was revealed, and I cried with unknown emotions. I had liked Jung Joon Young a long time ago, but why did I still feel so angry? Could anyone explain the cause of this emotion? Who could I express my feelings to? At that time, the faces and names of friends who were successful fans just like me and had been ‘fangirling’ with me came to my mind. I want to talk to people who had the same thoughts and spent time with me. I want to express my anger with them. I want to meet with those who were once that person’s “successful fans” and talk about our past, which is now hard to say, and the present, which is different from then. While talking to them, I want to point out many problems, such as idolization, extremism, and fan culture. I want to confirm that the history of extreme supporters still continues in a similar but also different way. Also, I want to ask the supporters about the problematic idol who exits not far away from them, how to deny everything, such as reasons, logic, and ethics, just to defend one person. What do they do that for? Are you still proceeding with a healthy love at the moment?”

A fan of Jung Joon Young for 5 years released a documentary, "One day, my oppa became a criminal"

“Successful fan” will be premiered at Lotte Cinema Centum City Hall 5 on October 9, October 11, and October 13. Tickets for the Busan International Film Festival will open on the 30th.

Sources: dispatch

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