Brother of comedian Park Soo Hong belatedly acknowledged his embezzlement of 1.9 billion won

It has been reported that Park Soo Hong has applied for a provisional seizure of property against his older brother.

On October 21st, Park Soo Hong’s legal representative Noh Jeon Eon said to YTN through a phone call that “there will be no major problems in getting the property back”. 

Regarding the different scales of embezzlement claimed by the prosecution, Park Soo Hong, and Mr. Park, he explained, “Details can only be confirmed by reading the indictment after the first trial date. The trial date has not been set yet.”

park soo hong
Comedian Park Soo Hong

He also added, “Apart from the criminal lawsuit, all measures such as seizure have already been taken privately. There is no big problem or disruption in collecting the amount.”

Earlier, Mr. Park denied all his charges, but admitted some of them during the investigation on October 20th, saying he embezzled about 1.9 billion won.

Currently, Mr. Park is indicted on charges of embezzling Park Soo Hong’s appearance fee and contract. Mr. Park’s wife was also indicted without detention on charges of embezzlement. Park Soo Hong’s side claimed that the total amount of damage was 10 billion won, but the prosecution found it to be 6.17 billion won.

park Soo hong

Meanwhile, the Park couple bought two apartments in Mapo-gu and Gangseo-gu in 2014, starting with the purchase of a shopping center in Mapo-gu, Seoul in 2004. In addition, they owns 8 Magok-dong shopping malls estimated to be worth more than 10 billion won. It is known that the total value of the real estate held by them is over 20 billion won.

Source: wikitree

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