SEVENTEEN issues severe warning to disrespectful fans who invade members’ privacy 

SEVENTEEN has released a statement after the members suffered from invasions of privacy, such as stalking.

On October 6th, SEVENTEEN‘s agency, PLEDIS Entertainment, posted an official notice titled “SEVENTEEN Fan Etiquette” on the fan community Weverse.

PLEDIS first explained the situation, saying, “Recently when SEVENTEEN leaves and enters Korea and other countries, there have been repeated activities threatening artists’ safety, such as excessive physical contact and taking photography or videos up close or using the same flight with the artist with improperly acquired information, indiscriminately taking photos at airport areas where photography is not allowed and causing discomfort and inconveniences to others by blocking other passenger’s ways, using inappropriate language and creating noise and commotion.”

PLEDIS then addressed the purpose of the notice, saying, “We would like to provide SEVENTEEN Fan Etiquette to create healthy fan culture and to protect artists’ safety and rights. This set of Fan etiquette rules apply to the entire public, fan or otherwise. We ask you to carefully read and comply with the rules.”

According to the released statement, SEVENTEEN’s fan etiquette rules prohibit visiting unofficial scheduled or private spaces. Fans are not allowed to visit unofficial schedules other than the officially announced SEVENTEEN schedules or private spaces (company, practice room, dormitory, nearby, or any other locations that the artist has visited, etc). The act of visiting the airport or boarding the same flight with the obtained information, or sending or leaving gifts or letters in the artist’s private space (living space, family home, etc.) is also prohibited.

The agency also stressed that stalking the artist is prohibited. Repeatedly attempting to contact, visit, follow, talk to or make physical contact with the artists are banned. The same applies to the artists’ family members, friends and acquaintances. Fans are also warned against attempting to access the waiting room of the artist or trying to approach them by illegally copying, producing or acquiring passes at concert venues or other similar access-controlled. 

The sale and purchase of artists’ personal information are prohibited. It is prohibited to buy and sell personal information such as an artist’s resident registration number, phone number, home address, ID, etc., or to buy and sell aviation information such as flights and seats when an artist is entering or leaving a country. Taking pictures, videos, or recording audio outside the allowed space is also prohibited. In particular, it is prohibited to visit unofficial schedule venues or private spaces to secretly film or record without the artist’s consent or to photograph or take video or audio, or broadcast (live stream) video or audio where such activities are prohibited..

PLEDIS also prohibits interfering with artist-related activities. It also prohibits inappropriate acts such as interfering with the duty of artist personnel, staff, domestic and foreign security teams, and other staff, preventing artists from riding or using their vehicles, or engaging in vehicle chases with the artists’ vehicles. Impersonating others’ identities for fan activities or posing physical and mental threats to artists are also banned.

Those who violate such fan etiquette will be restricted or deprived of their qualifications and benefits of joining the SEVENTEEN Global Official Fan Club (CARAT MEMBERSHIP) without prior warning. When visiting SEVENTEEN’s official schedule site (performance, open broadcasting, fan signing event, etc.), admission or participation might be restricted without prior notice, and if illegal filming is detected, they may be asked to delete the recorded data and will be forced to leave.

In addition, PLEDIS Entertainment warned that if any actions that do not comply with the rules are judged as a criminal offense, evidence may be collected and the violators may be subjected to civil and criminal penalties.

The agency said, “We will continue to strive to create a healthy fan culture and protect our artists’ rights. We ask for your active cooperation.”

Source: daum

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