A famous male idol showed a witty yet serious reaction when a “sasaeng fan” bothered him

When he was called in the middle of a V-like, this male idol made a dire warning while still maintaining a good atmosphere. 

From 1st generation idols to 4th generation idols, all suffer from so-called “sasaeng fans” who constantly infringe on their privacy. These sasaeng fans not only visit the idol members’ homes or gyms, but also find out their personal cell phone numbers and try to contact them.

Even recently, there have been cases of idols suffering from these twisted fans, and SEVENTEEN member Hoshi is one of them.


On September 26th, after SEVENTEEN’s concert in Jakarta, Indonesia, Hoshi turned on a Weverse live broadcast to communicate with fans. 

However, a sasaeng fan suddenly called Hoshi in the middle of the live, 10 minutes in. Seeing this, Hoshi firmly said, “Don’t contact me”. 

He is then contacted through KakaoTalk by an unknown number, towards which he said, “Is KakaoTalk hacked? I keep getting calls these days.” 


The male idol then showed his clear irritation, emphasizing that even if the sasaeng contact him, he will never pick up. 

Sensing the heavy atmosphere, Hoshi then jokingly mentioned other SEVENTEEN members, saying, “And why are you only contacting me? Reach out to the other kids as well.” 

After stressing that they shouldn’t call him, Hoshi showed his wit by singing SHINee’s “Don’t Call Me”, and sternly said “Let’s stop when I’m still saying nice things”. 

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Hoshi then lightened up the atmosphere by expressing his love for fans, saying, “You are so precious to me. I am really grateful to you, and I don’t think words can express how precious you are to us.” 

“Horanghae”, he concluded with his signature motto, and also played an soothing unreleased song that he wrote for fans. 

SEVENTEEN’s fandom, Carat, was deeply moved by Hoshi, who composed a heartfelt song for them, even though he had to suffer from privacy breach because of the sasaeng. 

BTS Jungkook

Meanwhile, BTS member Jungkook, who was staying in the US for a concert schedule in April, also got a phone call from someone he didn’t know and was greatly embarrassed.

Jungkook, who was communicating with fans through V LIVE, warned on the live screen, “Who are you? Don’t do it.” when the phone at his hotel rang continuously.

In addition, TWICE Nayeon has been suffering continuously since 2019 because of a German stalker.

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In particular, this stalker once made a fuss when Nayeon boarded a plane back home after finishing her overseas schedule, and tried to ask for the address of TWICE’s dorm through the group’s fan cafe.

In August, through his YouTube channel, he said, “I spent 3 million euros (about 4 billion won) in the past 3 years to prove my love to Nayeon.”

“I want to be the best husband and if you want to have children in the future, I want to be the best father,” he also added, creeping people out. 

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Recently, Nayeon’s agency, JYP Entertainment, filed a criminal complaint against this German stalker for obstruction of business (Article 314 of the Criminal Act), and filed a provisional disposition with the Seoul Central District Court to prohibit access.

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