Is SNSD Taeyeon truly an Ambassador for Louis Vuitton?

The lack of resources SNSD Taeyeon receives from Louis Vuitton are making people doubtful about her “ambassador” title. 

There’s no denying the strong impact of SNSD Taeyeon 15 years into her career, not only in the realm of music, but also in the realm of fashion. However, despite once being announced the ambassador of Louis Vuitton by W Korea, many people are doubtful if Taeyeon truly has such a title.

In fact, despite being called the ambassador of Louis Vuitton by a magazine, Louis Vuitton themselves never made any official announcement regarding Taeyeon’s title. The only thing that’s official is that Taeyeon works closely with the luxury designer house, and hasn’t settled for any position yet.

As of the moment, Louis Vuitton has only announced BTS, Bae Doona, Jung Ho Yeon, and Kang Dong Won as ambassadors. Meanwhile, Jeon Somi used to work for a eyewear campaign of the brand, and Lee Min Ho worked with the brand for its watch and jewelry line. Other Kpop idols, such as LE SSERAFIM Sakura, TWICE Nayeon, and SEVENTEEN Mingyu also receive sponsored clothing and magazine covers due to their relationship with Louis Vuitton, but none of them received any official title. And their case is similar to that of SNSD Taeyeon. 

In May 2022, Taeyeon introduced herself as an ambassador of Louis Vuitton in an interview with W Korea, and the magazine also wrote the same information. However, ever since, there has been no official post of Louis Vuitton confirming the title in all SNS platforms, though Taeyeon has worked closely with the brand for 3 years.

In September 2022, famous media outlet WWD, which is nicknamed a “fashion bible”, recounted all Korean celebrities that have been honored with an ambassador title by Louis Vuitton. Unfortunately, their video only included BTS, Jung Ho Yeon, Kang Dong Won, and Bae Doona, and Taeyeon was left out entirely. 

In addition, Taeyeon was not invited to the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris Fashion Week – while all ambassadors made their appearances. This somewhat confirmed that Taeyeon is not an ambassador like originally thought. 

Nevertheless, Taeyeon did receive sponsored items from Louis Vuitton, and donned them on various fashion magazines. It is obvious that she still maintains a close relationship with the luxury designer house.

Source: yan

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