“It will end naturally”, Hyun-ah’s SNS activity raised rumors about her tying the knot with Dawn

Singer Hyun-ah shared her daily life with fans on SNS.

On Nov 4th, Hyun-ah did a communication session with fans through her personal Instagram account.  According to the released photo, Hyun-ah was having a Q&A “Ask me anything” time with her fans, when one fan told Hyun-ah, “Is it right to hold on to a relationship that would disappear if I let it go?” 

In response, Hyun-ah replied, “It will end naturally,” showing a warm side of her who shares fans’ concerns more sincerely than anyone else.  Above all, she posted several photos on the same day with the caption “End of schedule.” In the released photo, the female idol posed for the camera with her somewhat provocative middle finger raised, drawing attention to her unconventional and hip-looking photo.  


Meanwhile, Hyun-ah and her boyfriend Dawn, who is in a public relationship with her, released their new mini-album [1+1=1] under the name of Hyuna & Dawn on Oct 9th, drawing attention for their first duet activity. She recently caught a bouquet at her stylist’s wedding and was rumored to soon marry Dawn, who is currently in a public relationship with her.


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