Netizens are touched by BTS V’s well-made presents given to fan during his solo debut

V surprised his fans with thoughtful gifts

On September 23rd, a Korean netizen made a post on the popular only forum theqoo, praising BTS’s V for his thoughtful gifts given to fans during his recent solo debut.

bts v gifts

The netizen explains that the items V gave his fans during the pre-recording for music shows were all custom-made, including the case, album cover design, except for the candy that Celine gave as gifts. The gifts also include details related to V’s solo album.

According to this netizen, V even held an event to pick ARMYs who could not come to his music show performances and send them gifts. V even made a V-Live broadcast after the show for these fans.

In addition, one of the two events he held for this comeback is the ARMY-log. The idol is also prased for leaving a comment about him being busy recently, so he will read fans’ comments later.

These heart-warming actions of V have touched many fans. The original post has now received approximately 16,200 views (as of 6:20 PM September 23rd) and netizens are coming to theqoo’s comment section, leaving comments such as “He’s such a sweet person, always love ARMYs the same as before and never just say and not do,” “He really puts everything he says into action, so sweet,” “I’m touched, thank you.”

Source: theqoo

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