JYP hints at the company’s next girl group and an unprecedented concept in a new teaser video?

The new video posted by JYP makes fans curious and predicts that it is about their upcoming junior girl group after TWICE and ITZY.

JYP’s new girl group is one of the most anticipated Kpop rookies of 2022. According to JYP’s confirmation, the company’s next girl group after TWICE and ITZY will debut in February of this year. Recently, the company’s official SNS accounts posted a mysterious video, sparking various theories about the upcoming girl group. 

A mysterious video was posted by JYP on January 25

The video shows the JYP building and a giant binocular that suddenly falls into the roadway. The post is captioned: “OOPS!” making many fans think of JYP’s rookie girl group. Previously, binoculars also appeared in the cover video of Haewon and Lily M. In addition, only the two letters “OO” being written in uppercase is said to be a hint about the new girl group. These two letters also appear in the phrase “coming soon” that JYP teased last December.

Fans also notice that the color in the binoculars is the background color of the introduction videos of 7 members of the new girl group. This makes fans speculate about the group’s symbolic color. Another clue that makes fans believe this video is meant to signal the upcoming debut of JYP’s new girl group is that the building has 7 broken windows – the same as the number of members of the group.

JYP new girlgroup hints
The caption piques curiosity when 2 letters O are caps 
JYP new girlgroup hints
Is this a hint about JYP’s new girl group?
JYP new girlgroup hints
The colors in the lens of binoculars
JYP new girlgroup hints
Are similar to the background color of the member introduction videos
JYP new girlgroup hints
Fans also noticed 7 broken windows in the video – the same number of members in the new girl group.

Also, YouTube channel “JYPn” changed the link to “NMIXX official” today. Previously, many rumors suggested that the new girl group’s name would be NMIXX after JYP exclusively registered this name. The sudden appearance of hints has made fans extremely excited. It seems that TWICE’s junior group is about to debut!

On social media, fans also discussed the concept of JYP’s new girl group. Based on the 7-member lineup video released in December 2021 and the details in the recent binocular video, fans think that the JYP rookie will follow the concept of space science. This is a new concept that JYP has never applied to girl groups, promising an explosive debut for the junior girls of TWICE and ITZY.

JYP new girlgroup hints
JYP’s new girl group will have a concept of space science, more explosive than TWICE and ITZY?
JYP new girlgroup hints

Some comments:

  • I’m 90% sure that it is for the new girl group. It’s almost February.
  • It seems that the concept for this new group has been carefully prepared and invested. I’m looking forward to this.
  • The title of the debut song will have 2 letters OO?
  • Will they ever debut with a song called OOps?
  • I think the group’s concept will be related to the future or the scientific universe.
  • Finally, JYP is smarter in promoting their artists. They know how to make us curious.


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