Lisa (BLACK PINK) receives the most attention from Koreans during the Lunar New Year

The BLACK PINK youngest topped the chart of the most popular foreigner idols in Korea.

On January 28th, a show called “Entertainment Girl” of Celuv TV revealed a chart of “Which foreigner idol that you want to cook rice cake soup for them during Lunar New Year?”. BLACK PINK’s youngest, Lisa topped the chart, surpassing many of her colleagues like Momo (TWICE), BamBam (GOT7), The8 (Seventeen) and Lai Guan Lin (WANNA ONE).

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Lisa proves her popular staus towards Korean fans

In Korea, eating rice cake soup during the Lunar New Year is considered luck and happiness. Korean families always have this soup in Lunar New Year to wish each other a peaceful and happy year.

Rice cake soup is a traditional dish of the Lunar New Year holiday in Korea

The fact that Lisa topped this chart proves that her popularity and the public’s love for her is slowly growing. This Thai idol is always complimented for her optimistic and hardworking attitude at work. This is also the proof to disagree with the criticism that Lisa isn’t that popular in Korea.

Lisa is not the favourite child like Jennie but instead, she has a huge international fanbase with a clean, no-scandal image. The BLACK PINK youngest is an extremely famous star on social network. In 2018, she surpassed Taeyeon (Girls Generation) to become the most famous female idol on Instagram.

Photos to prove that Lisa’s beauty is no joke (Source: K!Addiction)

Source: iOne

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