Netizens argue over choosing the most viral choreography in 2021: aespa’s Next Level, Brave Girls’ Rollin’ or Street Woman Fighter’s Hey Mama, which will win?

Many people think that Brave Girls’ Rollin’ and Hey Mama from Street Woman Fighter are the best choreographies this year, not aespa’s Next Level.

Every year-end, Kpop fans get together to choose the most popular songs, the most impressive groups, or the most viral choreography.  Recently on TheQoo, Korean netizens discussed the topic: “Which choreography is the most famous this year?”.

Korean netizens listed 3 choreography that went viral in the past year, including Brave GirlsRollin, aespa‘s Next Level and Hey Mama choreographed by Noze (leader of Team WayB) while participating in the show Street Woman Fighter.

Hey Mama
Next Level

These are all choreographies that have a strong influence on Korean fans in 2021. It’s hard to choose which choreography is the best.  In March, Rollin’, the song released in 2017 by Brave Girls, suddenly made a miraculous comeback on the charts.  Thanks to that, the song’s choreography also went viral. 

Then, in June, aespa‘s Next Level created a craze that spread across the internet. This song’s choreography challenge was also performed by many well-known artists, resulting in a strong influence on the Korean public.

Finally, in September, when Street Woman Fighter was on the air, Hey Mama was the choreography that received the most attention. Many K-pop stars perform choreographed dances created by WayB‘s leader. Noze received many advertising contracts as a result of the success of the Hey Mama choreography, and she became one of the hottest dancers on Mnet’s dance show.

  • Rollin’, the elders know about 1, but they don’t know about 3
  • Rollin’, that choreography appeared in all the variety shows that I watchedㅋㅋ
  • Rolln’! Even my grandmother knows Rollin’
  • Rollin’ > Next Level = Hey Mama
  • Next Level… ?? I’m not a fan of Aespa, but I thought of Next Level
  • In my opinion, Hey Mama >>> Rollin’ >>>>>>>>>>>>> Next Level
  • Rollin > Next Level > Hey Mama
  • Rollin ㅋㅋ Even kindergarten students know that danceㅋ
  • It’s Rollin’, right? I don’t know about Next Level, and Hey Mama is only popular among dancers
  • Rollin’ or Next Level, it’s hard to choose one


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