The moments Kpop idols were praised as angels on stage for their gallant actions

Fans have been impressed by idols many times when they take care of other idols on stage.

Changsub (BTOB) reminds Red Velvet to step back as fireworks are about to explode

At a concert in 2016, at the end of the show, the artists lingered on stage to say goodbye to the fans. BTOB member Changsub was standing right next to Red Velvet. As the girls stood near the fireworks area, Changsub reminded Red Velvet to step back a little to avoid an unfortunate incident. The BTOB member’s considerate action then caused a fever throughout the forums. Fan Kpop has spent a lot of good words for Changsub such as “sweet guy”, “gentleman” or “ideal husband model”, etc

Nayeon (TWICE) protected Momo from falling off the stage

On the rehearsal stage for “TT“, Momo was too enthusiastic about the performance without noticing that she is walking to the edge of the stage. TWICE’s dance machine was on the verge of falling off the stage. Fortunately, Nayeon was running fast to pull Momo in and out of the accident. Momo’s emotional aftertaste is also the feeling of fans after watching fancam. In addition, Nayeon‘s actions have all erased suspicion over the disharmony among members and affirmed the close bond among TWICE members.

NRG gave up the jacket for EXID in the cold weather 

2017 Dream Concert must be a memorable program for fans not only because of the diverse and colorful repertoire but also because of the series of intimate moments among the artists. This event took place when Korea went into cold weather, while female idols still had to wear thin skirts exposed skin.

At the end of the concert, Baek Ji Young realized the tremors of EXID before the harsh weather. After that, NRG members gave away their jacket to EXID, the girls were also extremely “glazed” as they dragged Sunmi and Baek Ji Young together. Needless to say, the mutual interest between the artists was later spread widely and occupied the hearts of K-pop fans.
NRG gave away the jacket to EXID.

Changmin (DBSK) became the “savior” of D.O. (EXO) and Taemin (SHINee) and helped them avoid the accident

During the SMTOWN concert in Taiwan 3 years ago, Changmin, D.O. and Taemin had the opportunity to collaborate on the song “You Needed Me“. While Taemin was captivated by his voice, Changmin found out that a platform was moving down from above. After that, he quickly pulled D.O to his side and at the same time, pushed Taemin away from the circular motion block. His action sequence only occurred in a few seconds but it helped D.O. and Taemin to avoid an accident. At the same time, Changmin was widely praised for his speedy handling of unexpectedly dangerous situations.

Jimin (BTS) helped Jungkook when his youngest brother fell down from the electric scooter

BTS fans are no stranger to the naughty games of the 7 boys in the concert. Once, Jungkook made the fans hold their breath because of his fast driving on the electric scooter on the stage. Because of going so fast and unable to control the speed, the youngest BTS has slipped and almost dived out of the stage. But thanks to the timely protection of Jimin, Jungkook was safe. It must have been a memorable moment for BTS and ARMY who were witnessing this dangerous scene!

PRISTIN members pulled Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN) out of the “pit of death”

The stage gives the idol a glamorous glamor but at the same time, it also held unknown dangers. In late 2017, at the MBC Gayo Daejun concert, Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN) nearly had an accident just before a new year.
The situation happened when Jeonghan rushed to follow the members of the group to go on stage to welcome the new year. Unfortunately, he stepped to a hole on the stage, causing his legs to bump. PRISTIN members standing nearby quickly pulled Jeonghan up. If they didn’t react in time, who knows what horrible things will happen to the member of SEVENTEEN!

EXO, Wanna One: The angels who look after the pit hole to ensure safety for colleagues

The story of the “black hole” at the MBC Gayo Daejun event continued. After Jeonghan nearly got into a serious accident, the idols were more aware of the danger. It’s a must to mention that EXO and Wanna One were very delicate and polite. These guys were taking turns standing by and watching the “black hole” to make sure no one else was in danger. The action of two famous male groups has made a great impression in the hearts of fans. It seems that besides the talent, the angelic personality is also a factor that makes EXO and Wanna One more and more popular.

Source: K14

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