Park Bo-gum renews exclusive model contract with Eider

Actor Park Bo-gum will continue his relationship with Eider as a model for the 2022 FW season.

Park Bo-gum served as a model for Eider from the 2017 FW season to the 2020 SS season, just before entering the military. He will be joining Eider for the fourth year through this time’s renewal of contract.

Eider said that they decided to renew the model contract based on the trust both sides have been building up as well as the judgment that Park Bo-gum, who has bright and healthy energy, would be able to express their youthful and trendy brand image well. Eider also explained that Park Bo-gum would be able to effectively show Eider’s aspects as both sides have been together for a long time.

Park Bo Gum

People are raising expectations on what synergy Eider, which has become young and trendy by strengthening outdoor fashion, will show with Park Bo-gum, who has become more mature after being discharged from the military. This season, Eider plans to develop a “these days outdoor” style that crosses outdoor and daily life such as Neo-Hiker and Cross-Player. In particular, Eider will present a variety of fall and winter items, from down jackets that incorporate light and warm outdoor technology in a trendy design to collaboration collections that highlight the street atmosphere.

At the photo shoot for Eider’s 2022 FW season last week, Park Bo-gum perfectly pulled off the trendy outdoor look with cool poses and expressions, overshadowing the two-year gap. Rumor has it that he actively shared opinions on products and the pictorial during the shoot, showing affection and high understanding about the brand.

Park Bo Gum

Eider’s marketing team said, “Thanks to actor Park Bo-gum’s bright image and the trust both sides have been building up for a long time, he once again continues his relationship with Eider as a model. Please look forward to the outdoor style that Eider and Park Bo-gum will present together this season.”

Meanwhile, Eider is planning to release an outdoor pictorial for the FW season, where you can see Park Bo-gum’s various sides, in August.

Source: Insight

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