“HYBE’s first girl group” LE SSERAFIM reveals leader Kim Chae-won with a bold and confident appearance

LE SSERAFIM, the first girl group produced by HYBE, unveiled its 4th member – leader Kim Chae-won.


LE SSERAFIM uploaded photos and a video of Kim Chae-won on its official SNS accounts and the Youtube channel of HYBE LABELS at midnight on April 7th.

The released photos showed Kim Chae-won showing off her chic and mischievous side in an open-back dress. She boasted her sophisticated visual with a black bob hairstyle.

The video contained Kim Chae-won’s confident and relaxed appearance of not being swayed by the gaze of the world. In particular, Kim Chae-won emphasized her free-spirited vibe with provocative gestures and bold walking.

This content is enough to raise K-pop fans’ expectations for the colorful charms that LE SSERAFIM led by leader Kim Chae-won will present.

LE SSERAFIM, which is set to debut in May, is the first girl group launched through the collaboration of HYBE and Source Music. The group’s name “LE SSERAFIM” is an anagram of “I’M FEARLESS”, which implies the girls’ self-confidence and strong will to move forward without being swayed by how the world looks at them.


HYBE’s Chairman Bang Si-hyuk, who created BTS, was in charge of LE SSERAFIM’s debut album as the executive producer, while creative director Kim Sung-hyun planned all visual content. With the participation of HYBE’s world-class production team, LE SSERAFIM has been releasing photos and videos of its members one after another since April 4th. Starting with Sakura being introduced as the first member, Kim Ga-ram, Hong Eun-chae and Kim Chae-won also have their videos exceeding 5 million views as of 7 a.m on April 7th, proving K-pop fans’ keen interest in LE SSERAFIM.

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