Big Bang achieved a lot of success with “Still Life” yet there are still things that make fans regret

BIGBANG's comeback is establishing a lot of great achievements, but in the hearts of fans, there are still some regrets.

At 0:00 (KST) April 5, BIGBANG officially returned to the Kpop race after 4 years of absence with the MV Still Life.  The song’s message depicts the members’ past time and their promise to fans “Let’s meet again when the flowers bloom”.  This comeback has helped the boys gain many impressive achievements but also created many regrets for the fans.

BIGBANG lost a piece, the members don’t have a scene together

This is BIGBANG‘s first comeback after a long absence since Flower Road and also the group’s first comeback with a 4-member lineup since Seungri‘s scandal.  Because of the Burning Sun scandal that happened in early 2019, the youngest member of BIGBANG has announced his retirement as well as leaving the group.

Seungri left the group and retired after the scandal

However, for the members as well as V.I.P – the group’s fan community, BIGBANG will only be complete with a full lineup of 5 people.  Leader G-Dragon also repeatedly expressed his opinion that to him, BIGBANG is always a group made of 5 pieces no matter what happens.

The leader of BIGBANG once posted a photo of the hands of 5 members on his SNS in 2021

Still Life is the most beautiful goodbye that BIGBANG sends to V.I.P after a long journey of youth together.  Fans were even more moved to know that for the group, Seungri is always present in their minds and will always be a part of BIGBANG.  There are many meaningful details in the MV as well as the lyrics, it seems that the MV is a gift for the maknae. 

Seungri has always been a part of BIGBANG

Specifically, fans believe that Seungri contributed backing vocals to T.O.P‘s segment in Still Life at 1:10.  Besides, many images in the MV are delicate symbols for the number 5, making fans feel deeply touched.

The segment is said to feature Seungri’s voice

Although there are many metaphorical hints about Seungri‘s presence, the fact that BIGBANG has only 4 members left makes their fans regret the most. Seeing their idols again after a long time but one of them is no longer there must be the most heartbreaking thing that V.I.Ps have to bear with this comeback. The goodbye to the brilliant youth period will definitely be even more complete if all of the 5 members are still here.

In particular, “Still Life” MV is very different from the previous products of the group when there is no scene with the presence of all 4 members of BIGBANG. Because the purpose of this song is to highlight the distinct personalities of the members as well as represent the 4 seasons in the year spring, summer, autumn and winter, all scenes were filmed separately. However, fans still want to have a joint scene of BIGBANG members in this comeback after many years of absence.

Bigbang-Still Life
Fans are extremely regretful because Still Life doesn’t have a joint scene of 4 members

The latest comeback after 4 years with no promotional activities and MV came out at midnight as if they didn’t care about achievements.

Music product promotion activities are always something that every fan looks forward to when their idols make a comeback because instead of just watching a short 3-minute MV, they will be able to see their idols more after a long time. Not only performing at weekend music shows but Korean idols also have many other promotional activities such as participating in entertainment programs and music radios.

However, BIGBANG did not participate in any promotional activities in this comeback with “Still Life”, making fans extremely regretful.

BIGBANG did not participate in promotions, causing fans to regret

The last time the YG boy group was promoted on music stages was with Last Dance and FXXK IT 5 years ago. After 4 years of hiatus, people were quite expecting for a stage of Still Life but the information that the group would not participate in promoting this song has made all their expectations gone to dust.

The last time BIGBANG promoted at a weekend music show’s stage was 5 years ago
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