The reason why the production team of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” added a CG “killer whale with a bent dorsal fin” to the scene of Bang Gu-ppong’s trial

ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which is gaining explosive popularity, touched the viewers once again with the delicate directing of a scene in the latest episode.

In episode 9 of ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo, which aired on the evening of July 27th, Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin) was seen defending Bang Gu-ppong (Koo Kyo-hwan), who raised his voice for children’s liberation.

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Bang Gu-ppong was arrested for taking over Mujin Academy bus and taking elementary school students inside the bus to a nearby hill. He was accused of kidnapping minors. Bang Gu-ppong was trying to liberate children, who are not allowed to go out of their classrooms until their academy classes end, but he obviously committed kidnapping.  

After learning the true feelings of Bang Gu-ppong, Woo Young-woo suddenly thought of a killer whale. She realized that children trapped in academies dreamed of “liberation”, just like killer whales with bent dorsal fins after living in the aquarium for a long time. 

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In fact, the news about killer whales trapped in aquariums hurting themselves by hitting their heads on glasses has been reported all over the world. 

Bang Gu-ppong’s mother is the director of the academy but she claimed that her son was mentally unwell and lacking. She didn’t understand the behavior of her son. In response, Woo Young-woo criticized, saying “The only people who do not understand Mr. Bang are adults”. 

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The CG killer whale was also seen in the final trial scene.

Bang Gu-ppong recited the Declaration of the Children’s Liberation in his final statement. He said, “Children have to play right now. Later is too late. In a life full of anxiety, it’ll be too late to find the only way to happiness”, and the children who came to the court cheered enthusiastically.

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In this scene, the killer whale with a bent dorsal fin was seen swimming freely out of the court. 

The main character Woo Young-woo is a person who likes whales. In the drama, she often imagines whales that are related whenever she comes up with new ideas.

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Many viewers praised this episode, which linked the liberation of children to the issue of killer whales trapped in aquariums longing for freedom. They commented, “I got goosebumps”, “The directing is crazy”, etc.

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