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(G)I-DLE Shuhua criticized for disrespectful attitude and unprofessionalism on “MMTG”

The informal speech and alleged unprofessional behavior of Shuhua, a member of (G)I-DLE, has become a hot topic in Korea.

Recently, (G)I-DLE appeared on the YouTube channel “MMTG” and had a conversation with the host, Jaejae. The broadcast was part of the promotional activities for their latest title song, “Queencard”.

However, immediately after this episode, a controversy surrounding Shuhua’s attitude arose. During the show, Shuhua responded to Jaejae’s questions using informal language. In particular, when asked about her part in (G)I-DLE’s performances, Shuhua replied informally, “No, I felt pressure”. 

Hearing this, Jaejae was taken aback and asked, “What happened to being polite?”, whilst other members of (G)I-DLE also expressed their surprise, saying, “You’re being so informal suddenly”

Then, when asked about her popularity during her school days, Shuhua continued to use informal language, saying, “I was popular but… I didn’t care for it.”


Furthermore, Jaejae later asked Shuhua about her past experience of eating spicy stir-fried ramen and posting it on social media, but Shuhua answered disinterestedly, “What do you want me to do?”

Despite Jaejae being 10 years older than Shuhua, the latter’s informal speech and “unprofessional” attitude persisted throughout the program. In addition, when Jaejae requested Shuhua to make facial expressions in accordance with certain movies, Shuhua bluntly refused, saying, “I don’t like these types of requests”, sticking to her previous attitude.

In the comments section of the “MMTG” YouTube video and other online communities, there is a wave of criticism regarding Shuhua’s attitude. So far, many viewers expressed their discomfort with her casual speech and unprofessional behavior. Whilst some defend Shuhua, saying it’s her knack for humor, they are largely overshadowed by criticizing netizens. 


In particular, one netizen commented, “There have been people who say Shuhua had outbursts like these in previous live broadcasts as well. I watched them without thinking much, but I realized it could be uncomfortable for non-fans.” 

Another netizen criticized Shuhua, saying, “As a fan, I felt that the fandom was protecting Shuhua, but the truth is that she lacks manners. Her continuous use of informal language and commanding tone makes me uncomfortable.”

Meanwhile, some netizens, who identified themselves as fans of (G)I-DLE and “MMTG”, praised Jaejae for her smooth hosting skills despite Shuhua’s behavior. Reactions such as “Jaejae handled the situation admirably,” “This reminds me once again that Jaejae is a true professional,” and “She managed to conclude the show without letting the rude guest ruin the atmosphere”, can be seen all over the comment section.

The criticism of Shuhua continues to circulate on online communities and social media platforms in Korea, while international fans show a more mixed opinion.

Source: Nate 

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