Dutchmen who were terrified when a YouTuber said that he’s from North Korea

There is a YouTuber that made foreigners who teased him for being Asian shut up with just one word “North Korea”.

On July 2nd, a video of a YouTuber who scared Dutch men was uploaded on the YouTube channel “JAY G” under the title “The reason why you should never mess with Koreans”.

On this day, YouTuber Jay G tried to talk to foreigners using a random chat app as usual. Meanwhile, he met three foreign men who were riding in a car.

In the country written under the random chat window, it was marked “Netherlands”, which could be inferred that they are Dutch.

When they saw Jay G, they spit out unknown words and showed a mocking attitude, such as laughing at him.

Jay G, who felt uncomfortable, put his index finger on his lips and asked them to be quiet, but they did not stop mocking him by copying his hand movements.

jay g

The trio appeared to start a conversation with Jay G, “Where are you from?” To Jay G, who answered Korea, they continued the playful conversation by asking, “South Korea or North Korea?”

When Jay G replied “North Korea. I’m North Korean”, the smile on their lips disappeared and their pupils shook a little.

Jay G took advantage of the moment when they were scared. He warned, “You guys, be careful. Okay? Be careful.” He then said as if he had a close relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, “Do you know Kim Jong-un? You guys know Kim Jong-un, right?”

jay g

When the trio heard the word Kim Jong-un, their faces quickly darkened and a man raised his thumb to show that he was trying to handle the situation.

Nevertheless, Jay G warned them to be careful once again and made the three of them terrified by adding, “I’ll get rid of you.”

Finally, Jay G tried to wrap up the conversation by saying, “Don’t do that again.” However, the Dutchman in the middle, who was the first one to start mocking Jay G, made viewers laugh as he was unable to relax his expression.

jay g

Netizens showed reactions such as “It’s so funny how three men changed their facial expressions when Jay G said he’s North Korean”, “They got nervous as soon as he said he’s North Korean”, “North Korea is a scary country”…

Source: insight

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