Han Ji-min’s unique hairstyle created by stylist Han Hye-yeon draws keen attention from netizens

Han Ji-min showed off her shocking hairstyle.

On June 25th, Han Hye-yeon released a photo of Han Ji-min’s unique hairstyle on Instagram Story. Han Ji-min’s new hairstyle, which was created by the hands of Han Hye-yeon, Han Ji-min’s stylist, caught the eyes of netizens.

han ji min hair

In the released picture, Han Hye-yeon put her permed hair over Han Ji-min’s head to create an optical illusion. The hair of Han Hye-yeon, who was turning her back to the camera, was placed on Han Ji-min’s forehead, making it looks like Han Ji-min has just done an extraordinary high perm hairstyle. The combination of Han Ji-min’s unique hairstyle and her cute expression impressed fans.

Netizens gave enthusiastic reactions to the prank planned by Han Ji-min and Han Hye-yeon, who are known to be best friends.

han ji min instagram

Meanwhile, Han Ji-min starred in tvN’s recently ended drama “Our Blues” and performed her amazing acting skills. 

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