EXO-L protected Kai from being bashed by netizens for overly sexy dance moves

Kai’s sexy dance moves (EXO) in “Love Shot” are receiving mixed opinions from netizens.

Known as EXO‘s “dancing machine” with the ability of extreme dancing and charismatic charm, recently, Kai has become a center of criticism from netizens for unimaginable reasons. Specifically, an online post suggested that Kai‘s dance moves in “Love Shot” were too offensive, not suitable for stage performances and immediately received the approval of many other netizens.

Netizens believe that Kai’s dance moves are too offensive to bring on stage

Obviously, if you only look at the above image to judge, it is completely understandable that Kai‘s dance is offensive. However, EXO fans gave proof to protect the idol. First of all, this is the original dance movement of “Love Shot” and not the freestyle of Kai. In addition, the cut animation plus the speed reduction compared to the original video and the camera angle is somewhat more dirty, which made netizens misunderstand Kai in this case.

The above animation has been cut and adjusted to reduce speed compared to the original video.
It can be seen that the overall look …
… or in personal fancam, Kai’s movements are still very normal and not worth criticizing.

Fans were extremely unhappy and voiced their support for EXO‘s “dancing machine”:

– I checked the full version of this fancam because of this post and turns out that he actually looks so freaking cool, though?? This makes me understand why Kai gets the best reactions from netizens during Love Shot era.

-You put the whole gif into a slow-motion to exaggerate it..ㅋㅋ And for your records, that’s the original choreography. The problem would be on the cameraman, not Kai himself. Look at how misleading the title is..ㅋㅋㅋ Seems like you’re just trying to hate on him because you think it’s the right time.

-I checked his fancam because of this post and I noticed that his fancam has the most views out of the other member’s fancam. Doesn’t this mean that he gets great reactions from netizens and the OP is just trying to drag him? Look at the difference between the views on his fancam and the other members’

-What’s wrong with you. Isn’t Kai the member who gets the best reactions from netizens during Love Shot era?? Seems like you’re just trying to drag him down because you think it’s the right time.

-What kind of bullshit is this? When you’re the one who put the gif into slow-motion and posts it on Pann. I’m dumb-founded.

-Well, if you really had to blame someone here the fault would be on the cameraman, not him. The only sins that Kai has committed is being too sexy.

-I want to marry Kai

-This gif makes my heart skips a beat from early in the morning. I’m really jealous of the person who gets to marry Kai in the future

-I don’t think it’s dirty. It’s just that he’s so sexy.

Fancam of “Love Shot” of Kai has the most views in EXO
Fancam “Love Shot” – Kai (Music Bank 14/12/2018)

Source: Kenh14

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