Representative small eater Sandara Park surprised everyone with her sudden confession, “After plastic surgery, I cannot lift down my mouth corner”

Singer Sandara Park drew attention as she confessed the side effects of plastic surgery on a recent broadcast.

The 17th episode of the web entertainment program “Unnies without Appetite” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Happy Garlic Studio” on November 9th. Comedian Kim Min Kyung, who appeared as a “food professor”, gave food lectures to Park So Hyun and Sandara Park, the representative small eaters in the entertainment industry, and taught them various food combinations. 

Park So Hyun and Sandara Park showed their confidence in carrying out mukbang shows as they enjoyed a long eating course with 17 different kinds of food, including soybean paste soup, pork belly, pork neck, rice, beef entrails, chicken feet, fried rice cake, chopped noodles, noodles, scorched rice soup.

sandara park Unnies without Appetite

Park So Hyun asked, “Can we go out on ‘Delicious Guys’?”. iHQ entertainment show “Delicious Guys” is a program that introduces how celebrities who are famous for their ability to eat a lot and eat deliciously.

Sandara Park said, “If I go on that show, I will have an impersonation with Joo Hyun sunbaenim”, and tried to impersonate him by lifting down her mouth corner”. She continued, “Ever since I did lifting surgery, I cannot lift down my mouth corner”.

sandara park Unnies without Appetite

Sandara Park made her debut as a member of the girl group 2NE1 in 2009 and made various hit songs. Since the group’s disbandment, she has continued her activities in various fields, such as dramas and entertainment shows. 

sandara park Unnies without Appetite

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