All the times when fans want “moments” with BLACKPINK members by wearing the same outfits 

Fans attended BLACKPINK’s concert in the same clothes as the members.

BLACKPINK is going on a world tour in different countries, attracting thousands of fans each show. A special thing about the audiences at BLACKPINK’s concerts is that many fans were spotted wearing the same outfits as the members.

Blackpink concert
BLACKPINK’s going on a world tour

At the Hamilton show, Lisa saw a fanboy wearing the exact same outfit as hers in “Shut Down” MV. This fanboy wore a bold crop-top and low-rise jeans, showing off his belly. This made him successfully get noticed by Lisa herself.

Lisa saw a fan wearing her outfit in “Shut Down” MV

Among numerous fans, a female fan stood out by wearing an eye-catching red outfit. This is Jennie’s iconic outfit from her first verse in “Pink Venom” MV. BLACKPINK also noticed this fan and immediately sang again for the fan to dance along. 

A fan wore Jennie’s outfit and stood out in the audiences
blackpink jennie pink venom
Jennie created a buzz with her red outfit in “Pink Venom” 

Rosé also spotted a fangirl who wore the same green fur coat as hers in “Shut Down” MV. Notably, this fan even bought the authentic jacket which cost a lot of money, going all out to be noticed by BLACKPINK.

A fangirl was dressed in the same fur coat as Rosé
blackpink shut down
Rosé in “Shut Down” MV 

A duo of fans cosplayed Lisa and Jennie to attend the concert. One wore Jennie’s red outfit during her solo debut with “SOLO” and the other wore Lisa’s trademark “LALISA” sweatshirt and beanie combo.

Two fans transformed into Jennie and Lisa

BLACKPINK fans are willing to do the most to be noticed by the members. There were fans who even came to the concert in Seoul in traditional costumes from Thailand, Lisa’s home country.

Two fans created buzz by wearing Thai traditional costumes to the concert 

At BLACKPINK’s concert, the members always have fun interacting with fans as much as possible. They said they wanted all the fans attending their concert to gain spotlight by having them appeared on the LED screen.

blackpink concert thumbnail
BLACKPINK does a good job interacting with the crowd at their concert 
Fans with outstanding outfits can easily be filmed and appear on the big LED screen

Before the world tour, fans also like to buy the same clothing items and follow the same fashion styles as BLACKPINK members. Jennie’s green cardigan that once set a trend, Rosé’s unique way of wearing a long dress with jeans, are typical examples. 

blackpink thumbnail
Fans like to follow BLACKPINK when it comes to fashion 

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