Packed concert schedule? 3 out of 4 members of BLACKPINK show signs of health issues

Fans of BLACKPINK noticed signs of Rosé getting an IV injection and Jennie’s leg injury alongside Jisoo’s health concerns.

Since October 2022, famous girl group BLACKPINK has kick-started their world tour “BORN PINK” with concerts around the world until the end of July 2023. This is good news for the global BLINK community, as they have the opportunity to see BLACKPINK live on stage.

However, with an average schedule of about 1 concert every 4 days, fans are expressing concerns when the members are showing alarming signs of health problems.

Blackpink concert
BLACKPINK is having a dense scheduled for their world tour “BORN PINK” 
The group perform on average 1 concert every 4 days

Jennie suddenly stopped dancing because of pain and had to sit down mid-performance

At the recent Hamilton concert, while performing, Jennie experienced pain in her leg and had to cease performing.

Despite her best efforts, Jennie then had to sit in a corner while the other members continued to perform. This makes fans worry about Jennie, and raises concerns that the extremely packed concert schedule may be causing her health problems.

Jennie Blackpink concert
Jennie suddenly collapsed on stage because of pain
Jennie Blackpink concert
Jennie then had to sit in a corner while the other members continued to perform

Rosé showed signs of getting an IV injection

Also during a BORN PINK concert, BLACKPINK’s fan community shared a close-up moment of Rosé sitting near the stage so that the audience could see her clearly. During this exchange, however, fans noticed a bandage on Rosé’s hand. This is the position that is often used when getting an IV injection, so many people suspect that Rosé is having health problems.

rose Blackpink concert
The image that make fans suspect Rosé needed an IV injection

Jisoo had a neck lump, but clarified herself that her health is perfectly fine

The image of Jisoo (BLACKPINK) with a lump in her neck has made the fandom of BLACKPINK extremely worried. In most cases, this is a sign of a cough, cold, fever, or that the body is tired. In addition, if left without treatment for too long, the lump can grow harmful to Jisoo’s health and voice.

Jisoo blackpink thumbnail
Jisoo’s neck lump which arouse concerns 

However, on November 4th, YG Entertainment cleared up all the concerns by saying, “Jisoo is currently performing well on her world tour schedule and there are no problems with her health.”

Besides, in the livestream where she communicated with fans, Jisoo also personally confirmed that she has no health issues by saying, “Jisoo is very healthy! Don’t worry. I’m even eating red ginseng. There are a lot of vitamins, almost a table full!” 

jisoo blackpink thumbnail

With this, fans can rest assured about Jisoo’s health during her busy schedule with the world tour BORN PINK.

Source: k14

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