An actress who was cast in 1 second because she was so pretty just for rolling her eyes twice

The casting story of this famous Korean actress is one of a kind. 

Ha Ji Won, who is known for her various charms, is an actress with different colors. She can pull off both good and evil roles, transform into innocent, sexy, and cute characters.

Ha Ji-won

Ha Ji Won made her debut in the entertainment industry in 1996. Since then, she has appeared in dramas such as “Tears of the Dragon” and “School 2”. 

Ha Ji-won

In the 2000s, Ha Ji Won starred in a series of hits such as “Truth Game”, “Phone”, and “Nightmare”, earning her the title “Queen of horror”. 

Whether it’s because of her fierce eyes or when she raises her head up scarily, when it comes to horror films, it is impossible not to mention Ha Ji Won.

Ha Ji-won

There is an interesting anecdote about the movie “Nightmare”. Ha Ji Won revealed that she had auditioned 100 times when she was a rookie actress, working hard to make her way up to the top. 

Ha Ji-won

Ha Ji Won recalled that at the audition for “Nightmare”, when the director said, “Open your eyes, look up” and “Look down this time”, Ha Ji Won only rolled her eyes twice, but she was cast on the spot.  

After getting cast only with her eyes, Ha Ji Won showed impressive ghost acting in “Nightmare” and has gradually risen to the ranks of top stars since then.

Ha Ji-won

Ha Ji Won recently joined the cast of the drama “Curtain Call”. She plays the general manager of Nakwon Hotel and the granddaughter of the Nakwon family. Although she is in her mid-40s, Ha Ji Won is still showing good acting and top beauty alongside Kang Haneul. 

Source: daum

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