Verbal Jint denied dating rumor with Brave Girls Minyoung, already broke up?

Reports of Minyoung, former Brave Girls member, being in a relationship with rapper Verbal Jint have emerged.

On April 24th, media outlet Star News reported that former Brave Girls member, Minyoung, is in a relationship with rapper Verbal Jint. In particular, Star News quoted an entertainment industry official, who said that the two developed a romantic relationship due to their shared passion for music.

In particular, an official in the entertainment industry told Star News, “It is true that the two are in a relationship. The two continued their love even before the Brave Girls became popular with “Rollin’.”

The couple also showed affection for each other by enjoying a date or using couple items without being aware of the gaze of the people around them, the same official said.

However, Verbal Jint’s agency has quickly released their official stance, stating, “It’s true that they were in a relationship for 2 years, but they already broke up.”  Meanwhile, Verbal Jint and Minyoung have not said anything directly.


Previously in August 2022, a post titled “Verbal Jint dating Brave Girls’ Minyoung?” was published on a Korean online community. In particular, at the time, the original poster pointed out that a phone and umbrella that Minyoung uses appeared on Verbal Jint’s Instagram story.

Minyoung was born in 1990, while Verbal Jint was born in 1980, making for a 10-year-old age gap between the former couple.

On the other hand, in 2016, Minyoung became a member of girl group Brave Girls, gaining huge popularity after their song, “Rollin’”, gained mainstream attention in 2021. However, Brave Girls later disbanded in 2023, following the members’ contract expiration. 

Meanwhile, Verbal Jint is a popular underground rapper before making his official debut in 2001. 

Source: Wikitree 

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