From BLACKPINK Ji Soo to LOONA, stars are constantly exposed to health problems

A series of rumors regarding stars’ health problems constantly surfaces due to the excessive schedules while doing overseas concerts. 

Rumors of BLACKPINK Ji Soo’s health problem continued to spread on Twitter and online communities on Nov 1st. 

Ji Soo in the photo had something similar to a lump on her neck, which caused many netizens and her fans to worry. In addition, the reason why netizens are worried about Ji Soo is that the same condition has been detected several times when other artists did their concerts and broadcasts in the past. 

blackpink jisoo

Ji Soo also had a swollen neck at the concert in Indonesia and Malaysia in January 2019. In addition, the same thing was caught on camera when Ji Soo appeared on SBS entertainment show “Underground Rendezvous” in September of the same year and sang the song “DDU-DU DDU-DU”. 

Blackpink concert choreography mistakes

BLACKPINK released their second full-length album “Born Pink” on September 16th, followed by a fashion show in Paris. They are doing their tour, which consists of 14 concerts in 7 North American cities, which began in Seoul on Oct 15th. Not only Ji Soo but also the rest of the members were caught making mistakes in the choreography, causing fans to worry. 

■ VIXX, who was loved for their various concepts

Prior to BLACKPINK, there were several idols who showed health abnormalities during their concert. 

Let’s talk about VIXX. VIXX member Ravi collapsed and lost consciousness during a fan meeting in Mexico in 2016. Another member, Leo, also complained of dizziness, due to which the agency eventually canceled the schedule. 


In August 2017, while VIXX was performing “Shangri-La” at an event in Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, N suddenly knelt down. N couldn’t stand up on his own, and was eventually moved to the stage infirmary with the help of his team members.

At the time, VIXX’s agency Jellyfish Entertainment explained the reason for N’s fainting by saying, “N collapsed due to heat while performing on stage”.

■ LOONA loved by foreign fans

LOONA (stylized as LOOΠΔ), also showed signs of health abnormalities during their concert.


Back in August, Yeojin, a member of LOONA, fell on stage during a world tour performance, and fans who saw the footage started to express concerns about the members’ health. At the time, LOONA’s agency Blockberry Creative told media outlet Sports Trend that “Yeojin had a temporary breathing problem right after finishing the choreography while performing in Mexico City, a highground area.”


Upon hearing the news, fans also complained that members Choerry and Olivia Hye could not perform due to poor health conditions during the world tour, while another member, Haseul, was unable to dance due to an injured shoulder, and had to sit down and sing as others performed.


It can be seen that over 28 days, LOONA performed 14 performances in various locations, including Mexico City, which was a high-altitude area that could cause altitude sickness.

In addition, in the middle of their world tour,the girl group also had to perform at the 2022 KCON LA, which was held in Los Angeles, USA, and then continued their European tour in September and Japanese activities in October.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s world tour will commence its European leg with performances in 7 cities in November and December, and from January next year, the girl group will hold concerts in Asia, including cities like Bangkok (Thailand).

Source: daum

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