LOONA’s Yeojin passed out on stage during the group’s overseas concert 

Yeojin collapsed during LOONA’s concert in Mexico City. 

LOONA had a concert in Mexico City, Mexico on August 29th. The members were singing and dancing in the fans’ enthusiastic cheers. After successfully completing a performance, the members took a break, stood in their choreography position, and smiled at the audience.


However, member Yeojin looked like she was barely able to stand and had to hold on to the member next to her. She was seemingly dizzy and exhausted. She soon lost her balance and fainted on stage. A fan who was filming LOONA was so startled by this that they dropped their camera.

Currently, fans are all concerned about the condition of Yeojin’s health. There has been no official statement released by LOONA’s company as of now. 

Source: Daum

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