The reason why this LOONA member suddenly left the stage in the middle of the concert… Fans exploded in anger

A member of the famous girl group LOONA left the stage during the recent concert. Controversy arose as the video showing the situation spread online

LOONA held a concert in Chicago, Illinois on August 11th (local time). The girl group is continuing their first world tour “LOONATHEWORLD”, which started with the show in Los Angeles on August 1st. 

11 members of LOONA, excluding Chuu, who is absent from the tour due to her personal schedule, appeared on the stage together that day. In the middle of the performance, LOONA took time to express their feelings about meeting fans at the concert. 


ViVi (25 years old) was the first member to confess and Kim Lip (Kim Jeong-eun, 23 years old) followed. As soon as Kim Lip took the mic, the audience at the concert hall suddenly began to chant ViVi’s name.


According to the video taken by fans at that time, Kim Lip was flustered and her face turned serious in an instant. Shocked by the unexpected situation, ViVi, who was standing next to Kim Lip, tried to calm fans, saying “Everyone, it’s Kim Lip’s turn”. However, the audience burst into laughter at ViVi’s words and one male fan even shouted, “We Love China!”. Kim Lip was then seen wiping away her tears as she went backstage.


Later, LOONA members also left the stage and returned after a while but Kim Lip was not with them. HaSeul explained to the audience, saying “Kim Lip is not feeling well and she won’t be able to join the remaining stages”. Kim Lip eventually did not re-appear until the stage curtain closed. She was also absent from the group’s “Meet&Greet” event.


When the news was reported, LOONA fans in Korea and overseas raged and criticized the audience at the concert hall at that time. Tweets from fans pointing out the rude behavior of the concert audience flooded all over Twitter.

LOONA is a multinational 12-member girl group that debuted in 2018. 11 members, including Chuu, Kim Lip, and HaSeul, are Korean while ViVi is from Hong Kong.

Source: wikitree

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