Actress Park Jung Soo praises her son Jung Kyung Ho, “He will become the best groom”

Park Jung Soo expressed great affection for her son Jung Kyung Ho.

The June 2nd broadcast of KBS2’s “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant” showed actress Park Jung Soo making chicken porridge for her son Jung Kyung Ho.

Park Jung Soo started dating director Jung Eul Young in 2008 and they currently live together under a de facto marriage. Director Jung Eul Young is Jung Kyung Ho’s father so Park Jung Soo and Jung Kyung Ho naturally become mother and son.

jung kyung ho

On the broadcast, Park Jung Soo said, “This is the special chicken porridge that has been passed down through generations in my family”, adding “I think I cook it three times in the summer. My son Jung Kyung Ho says that the chicken porridge I make is the most delicious and he can only eat that porridge for the rest of his life. He likes it that much.”

Watching Park Jung Soo cook the porridge in front of the hot fire, special MC Lee Chae Min expressed his admiration, saying “This is what mother’s love truly is”.

Park Jung Soo proudly said, “It’s a dish that requires lots of effort and takes quite a long time to cook”, adding “Still, I feel happy every time my family members compliment that the chicken porridge I make is the best”.


She also shared, “I feel relieved seeing Kyung Ho, who lives alone, leave after eating chicken porridge”, adding “Kyung Ho is very good at cooking. He especially enjoys cooking for himself. He will become the best groom”.

Meanwhile, Jung Kyung Ho has been dating Girls’ Generation Sooyoung for 11 years.

Source: Wikitree

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