Kpop songs that managed to become hits, only to be loathed by Kpop idols?

Despite gaining huge public popularity, these Kpop hits are severely disliked by the very idols that released them. 

Beauty, talent, and personality all help Kpop idols become popular, but the most important element remains the music. However, many Kpop idols have expressed dislike for their very own tracks, despite the popularity. 

“As If It’s Your Last” is BLACKPINK’s least favorite track throughout their 6-year career. According to the group, the song follows the more feminine “PINK” concept, while they prefer the sexier and bolder “BLACK” songs.


While “As If It’s Your Last” can’t earn the love from BLACKPINK, it managed to make a big impression on the public. As of the moment, the MV for this song has surpassed 1.1 billion views on video platform YouTube. 

blackpink As If It's Your Last
“As If It’s Your Last” is BLACKPINK’s least favorite track
However, it was a big hit in BLACKPINK’s career
As of the moment, the MV for “As If It’s Your Last” has surpassed 1.1 billion views on YouTube.

iKON Junhoe once shared that he isn’t fond of “Bling Bling”, as rather than hip hop, he often listens to rock music. Meanwhile, “Bling Bling” is a heavy rap song with strong hip hop elements.

ikon junhoe
iKON Junhoe isn’t fond of hip hop, and so doesn’t like “Bling Bling”
The trainees all have to have their own talents and charming sides
Instead, he prefers rock music 

For TWICE Nayeon, “I’m Gonna Be A Star” is the worst track from TWICE. In the past, she expressed that she’s sick of singing the chorus “I’m Gonna Be A Star” repeatedly across the song. Fans also agree, and said that while “I’m Gonna Be A Star” is catchy, it gets repetitive. 

TWICE Nayeon is sick of “I’m Gonna Be A Star”  
The song can get quite repetitive, according to fans of TWICE

Another song with a haunting chorus is none other than Red Velvet’s “Rookie”. In fact, the Red Velvet member Irene found the repetitive lyrics of this song rather childish and ill-fitted for her. 

red velvet irene
Irene found “Rookie” to be childish in terms of the lyrics
red velvet rookie
The concept of Rookie is probably one of the oddest of Red Velvet

In the TV show “Park Jin Young’s Party People”, soloist and former Wonder Girls member Sunmi revealed that “Tell Me” is her least favorite out of all Wonder Girls songs. This surprised a lot of people, seeing that “Tell Me” was once an iconic hit in the Kpop world. 

wonder girls tell me
Sunmi dislikes the legendary Wonder Girls hit “Tell Me”
sunmi park jin young
Even Park Jin Young was shocked at this revelation
sunmi siren
And the public seemed to share the same sentiment

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