13 years into her debut, Sandara Park reveals she is preparing for a solo album 

Sandara Park is working on a solo album after 13 years of her debut. 

Sandara Park shared a post on Instagram on October 22nd with a photo teasing the tracklist for her solo album.

Sandara Park said, “It’s still unfinished and there may be more additions or modifications, but I really like it. It’s good for the album to come out quickly, but it’s best to release it when I’ve made an album that I’m satisfied with, so I decided to delay it, and I think that decision was right.”

Sandara Park

She continued, “Time flies again in the first half of next year.  I will work hard to prepare well, so I hope we can enjoy it together. Let’s have fun together next year.”

Sandara Park started her career in the entertainment industry in 2004 when she came second in a public recruitment program in the Philippines.

sandara park solo tracklist

After that, she started her activities in Korea with the famous girl group 2NE1 in 2009, but the team later disbanded. Ever since, the female star has been active in acting and TV programs, though she hasn’t released any solo albums.

sandara park solo tracklist

Sandara Park’s younger brother, Thunder, also made his debut in 2009 with MBLAQ and appeared on YouTube, as well as TV shows like “King of Masked Singer” and “Show Me the Money 11” after the disbandment of his group.

Source: wikitree

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