The hidden secret of high-quality whale CG in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”

It was reported that the lively whale CG of ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” was produced based on a paper model.

On June 30th, paper artist Seo Young posted through Twitter, “People in the world, the model I made appeared on TV. Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

On July 6th and 7th, when episodes 3 and 4 of ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” aired, Seo Young uploaded photos of a paper model whale she made herself on Instagram.

She expressed her affection by adding the caption to photos of the blue whale artwork, “I was excited about when it would come out, but I didn’t know it would be today. This is my ‘favorite’ whale.

Seo Young also explained the details of the work, “The stripes on that belly are the highlight part.

She also posted a picture of the dolphin and said, “Did you see the dolphin on today’s show? He was so cute with a blanket and an eye patch.

In the drama, the main character Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin) appears as a “whale fan” who knows all the species and characteristics of whales. For this reason, whale CG is also becoming an important factor for this drama.

Many viewers were surprised to find out that the cute whale CG in the drama was actually made through human-made paper art.

In addition, Internet users are showing admiration and applause for paper artist Seo Young’s cute whale work and are even asking for it to be released as goods.

Meanwhile, the ENA drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” continues to be popular in and outside Korea, surpassing 5.2% rating (based on paid households nationwide) just two weeks after it was aired.

Viewers are also showing great interest in various elements of the drama, including its main cast and whale characters.

Source: insight

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