Besides Kim Tae Ri, this U40 actress also plays a student spectacularly!

Nobody can tell that this actress is actually 6 years older than her co-star. 

In the newly released series “Shooting Stars”, actress Lee Sung Kyung transforms into a beautiful and talented PR director who has a complicated relationship with her same-aged schoolmate that has now become a famous idol. 

Lee Sung Kyung

Now 32 years old, Lee Sung Kyung fits right into her PR director look. However, she doesn’t feel out of place as a university student either! With her youthful appearance, light makeup, and blemishless skin, Lee Sung Kyung looks as if she’s back to her early 20s, even in behind-the-scenes photos. 

Lee Sung Kyung
Behind footage reveals Lee Sung Kyung’s ageless visuals. 
Lee Sung Kyung
Lee Sung Kyung

Some comments from netizens: 

  • How is she 32… she looks not a day older than 20
  • This reminds me of “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”, she has not aged at all
  • Nobody can tell she’s in her 30s with that appearance…
  • U40?? She looks younger than 20-year-olds I know.
Lee Sung Kyung


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