“A middle school girl asking a high school boy to have sex with her”… “Our Blues” receives criticism for its setting

Although “Our Blues” recorded its own highest ratings due to hot interest, it caused regret with the setting that antagonized some viewers.

Episode 10 of tvN’s “Our Blues“, which aired on May 8th, recorded an average rating of 12.1% in the metropolitan area and 11.2% nationwide based on Nielsen Korea, breaking its own highest ratings. However, viewers are arguing back and forth over one of the scenes from episode 9 that aired the previous day.

Our Blues

In episode 9 of “Our Blues”, which aired on May 7th, Dong-seok (Lee Byung-hun) and Seon-ah (Shin Min-ah)’s past school days were depicted. When Lee Dong-seok and Seon-ah were young, they relied on each other in the reality that they had nowhere to put their hearts to. Seon-ah, who transferred to Jeju with her father, was consoled by going to Dong-seok to avoid the adults fighting at home.

Our Blues

Dong-seok was also a wounded boy. Dong-seok, whose mother remarried, was beaten every day by the children of his adoptive father. The two shared such pain, relied on each other, and built up special feelings.

Our Blues

Meanwhile, Seon-ah left Jeju without telling Dong-seok. Because there was a misunderstanding between the two. At that time, Dong-seok witnessed his friend coming out of an obscure place and organizing his waist of pants. He then saw Seon-ah, who was in middle school, button her shirt at the place where his friend came out. Dong-seok, who saw his friend and Seon-ah as if they had slept with each other, was shocked and used violence against his friend.

Our Blues

Afterward, Dong-seok and Seon-ah reunited as adults, and the two resolved the misunderstanding that had accumulated at that time. Dong-seok asked Seon-ah the reason for that day, “Why did you do that?” Seon-ah confessed, “I didn’t sleep with your friend. I wanted someone to ruin me. I thought if I did that, my father would come to his senses and live a good life.” Seon-ah added, “I knew you loved me, but I can’t ask such favor from someone who loves me. I also loved you back then.”

Our Blues

However, many viewers responded that they did not understand this scene. The reaction was that Seon-ah was a middle school student and Dong-seok was a high school student, so the provocative material using sexual relations was excessive. Netizens left comments such as “Which middle school student asks you to destroy her with sex”, “I don’t understand Seon-ah’s emotional line”, and “I don’t understand the writer’s intention about the storyline”…


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