BLACKPINK showed off various charms in the behind-the-scenes of “Pink Venom” 

Attractive sides of BLACKPINK members, such as mischievous Jennie and seductive Jisoo was shown in a new behind footage of “Pink Venom”

On December 2nd, BLACKPINK released a new self-produced content called “BORN PINK MEMORIES: BPM”.

The content included the behind-the-scenes footage for BLACKPINK’s pre-released song “Pink Venom’”. Here, the group’s gorgeous visuals and the production process that entails the use of various devices gained attention. 

First, Jennie captivated global fans with her unexpected charm. The female idol climbed into a tank with strong charisma and broke the wall, making viewers smile with her innocent and lovely appearance off the screen.

blackpink born pink memories

Jisoo showed off a professional aspect and high level of perfection even during a tough shooting. In order to double the fatal charm of the song, Jisoo repeatedly played the geomungo and maximized the traditional Korean beauty.

blackpink born pink memories

In addition, the members also contributed ideas to the shoot, with Rosé personally devising a space filled with thick fog and black water. Meanwhile, Lisa actively took part in the filming, saying, “I use a poisoned apple as a prop to express the atmosphere of the song.”

blackpink born pink memories

The members, who showed off a powerful performance by working in perfect harmony with the dancers, said, “The filming lasted until dawn, but it was fun, so we were able to finish it energetically.”

blackpink born pink memories

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK sold out all tickets for 14 concerts in 7 cities in North America, attracting over 200,000 spectators, and has started the Europe leg of their tour with 10 shows in 7 cities. From 2023, the following year, the girl group is expected to go to Asia and Oceania to communicate with more global fans.

blackpink concert

Source: Sports Khan

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