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“Is divorce fun?”…Kim Gu-ra’s son Gree and his belief in divorce-related entertainment shows

MBC’s “Radio Star,” which aired on July 27th, featured Sayuri, Lee Hyun-yi, DinDin, and Gree in a special feature titled “Why do you work with your family?”

Referring to his appearance as an MC with his father Kim Gu-ra in the TVING “Between Marriage and Divorce,” he said, “I grew up in a divorced family and my father has experienced divorce, so we just happened to appear together.”


He then said, “There were many worried stories around me, but there was nothing very uncomfortable to me because I’m already familiar with the divorce situation.”

In response, Kim Gu-ra attacked, saying, “You’re acting like you are tough,” and DinDin, who heard that, cheered for Gree’s words, saying, “No, you were cool.”

Then he refuted Kim Gu-ra by saying, “Is divorcing fun then?” and Kim Gu-ra explained, “It’s not that, but the way you talk is too pretentious,” drawing laughter.

Earlier, Kim Gu-ra had a conflict with his ex-wife over guarantee issues, and they eventually divorced after 18 years of marriage. At that time, the amount of debt left by Kim Gu-ra’s ex-wife alone is known to be 1.7 billion won.

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Currently, Kim Gu-ra has repaid all his ex-wife’s debts. Since then, he has completed his marriage registration without a wedding with A, who is 12 years younger than him, in 2020, and even delivered the news of his daughter after a year of marriage in September last year.

Source: Nate

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