This is the reason why Son Ye Jin receive less hatred than Song Hye Kyo, despite both being superstars

Netizens believe that Son Ye Jin always speaks the right things at the right time, clearing up her image before scandals even spread.

There’s no denying the insane popularity of Son Ye Jin, who never fails to make headlines whatever she does. As the actress receives a lot of love and support from fans, she always remembers to express her gratitude in the sincerest ways. 

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In fact, it is this personality of hers that help Son Ye Jin receive less hatred than other actresses of the same generation, like Song Hye Kyo and Jeon Ji Hyun. Experts believe that people often become anti-fans over scandals, no matter how baseless, and get angry over them. Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin never even lets the scandals spread. 

Whenever there are any malicious gossips, Son Ye Jin would speak up indirectly using sincere and well-written words. Meanwhile, other stars, like Song Hye Kyo, opt to stay silent, and thus they were drowned in criticism, unlike Son Ye Jin. 

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In addition, Son Ye Jin also boasts a spotless career, delivering excellent performances and versatility through each of her projects. She is also extremely considerate of fans, and would share important moments to fans herself, instead of letting things start through the media.  

Announcing her wedding

A couple days ahead of Valentine’s day, Son Ye Jin decided to share about her upcoming wedding with Hyun Bin on her personal SNS, instead of via her agency. Even in her post filled with joy, Son Ye Jin did not forget to express her gratitude to people who cheered her and Hyun Bin on. 

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“I will always keep in my heart your continual love and precious support, and hope that everyone will be greeted with good things in this new year,” the actress said, adding, “And to my dearest fans, from whom I have received unconditional love for ushc a long period of time, no words can describe my gratefulness to all of you. Thank you, and I wish you happiness.”

Thanking fans in a press conference 

During a press conference for her drama “Thirty Nine”, which was also Son Ye Jin’s first public appearance after the press conference, the actress continued to give thanks to fans that gave blessings to her wedding.

Thirty Nine-Son Ye Jin

In particular, she said: “I have received a lot of well wishes from everyone, so I’d like to take this chance to say thank you to all of you.”

Pregnancy announcement 

3 months after her grand wedding ceremony, Son Ye Jin once again shared great news through her SNS.

In particular, the actress wrote on Instagram that: “I’m here to tell you some careful and happy news. A new life has come to us. I’m still puzzled, but I’m feeling the changes in my body everyday amid the anxiety and excitement. I’m so grateful, but I’m also very careful that I haven’t told anyone around me yet. We’d like to deliver this news as soon as possible to our fans and people around us who are waiting for this news as much as we do.”

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The actress also did not forget to ask fans if they have been well 

On top of all this, despite being a private person, Son Ye Jin knows how to bring her fans closer, with anecdotes of her married life. 

son ye jin
Known that fans root for her and Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin discreetly shared about her married life 

In particular, the actress often publishes photos of her homemade meal with 2 sets of utensils, giving fans a sweet glimpse into her life with Hyun Bin. Son Ye Jin is truly a smart and caring celebrity that’s impossible to hate. 

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