“Couple of the century” Hyun-bin, Son Ye-jin announced their marriage

Hyun-bin and Son Ye-jin are getting married.

Son Ye-jin Hyun bin

On January 10th, the two actors and actress announced their marriage on Instagram, saying, “We found someone to spend the rest of our life with”

Son Ye-jin carefully delivered the news of her wedding, saying, “That’s the person everyone is thinking of”, adding, “I feel warm and protected just by being with him. A man and a woman meet, share their hearts, and promise to build a future together. This is something I couldn’t imagine. We naturally came all the way here. Thanks to everything around us that made our relationship a fate. Everyone, please celebrate the future that we will create together”.

Son Ye-jin Hyun bin

The actress then expressed gratitude and affection for her fans. She said, “I have nothing to give you for the unconditional love you give me, so I can only express infinite gratitude. I want to be a more mature and wonderful actress and person, but it’s not as easy as I want. One day, I’ll be able to approach my utopia that I draw, right? I will be a person who is not ashamed of myself. I sincerely hope that you will become happier day by day,” she added.

MS Team Entertainment, Son Ye-jin‘s agency, said, “As revealed on SNS, actress Son Ye-jin and actor Hyun Bin will become partners in the future.”

Son Ye-jin Hyun bin

“The two have continued to receive warm support and interest from many people and will hold a wedding in March in Seoul,” the company said. “As it is a difficult time for both the actor and the actress due to the pandemic, they decided to hold a private event with both sides’ parents and acquaintances.”

Hyun Bin also delivered a handwritten letter through his agency’s official Instagram account. The actor wrote, “I am writing this because I want to inform the fans who have been kind to me in many ways and have given me great interest and love, the most important decision of my life. I made the important decision to get married. And I’m going to carefully step into the second phase of my life”.

Son Ye-jin Hyun bin

He continued, referring to the drama “Crash Landing on You,” where he and Son Ye-jin started dating, “I made a promise to her, who always makes me smile, to walk together in the future. Jeonghyuk and Seri, who were together on screen, are going to take a step forward together.”

Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin confirmed their relationship after co-starring in tvN’s “Crash Landing on You” and became the first Dispatch couple of 2021. It was reported that the two have been dating since March 2020.

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