Fans shocked to see the new choreography of NewJeans’s “Ditto”, “Please bring back the original choreography”

Fans complained about the new choreography of NewJeans’s hit “Ditto” revealed through the recent performance video.

NewJeans, the girl group that made big hits as soon as they debuted in August, introduced the pre-release song “Ditto” on December 19th ahead of their official comeback set on January 3rd.

“Ditto” is creating “NewJeans craze” by dominating the No.1 spots on various music charts, such as Melon, Genie Music, Bugs, etc.

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In addition to the song, the music video for “Ditto”, which tells the story set in the 1990s, also received huge love from the public. In the music video, NewJeans members wear school uniforms and dance together, showing off their fresh charm.

However, fans were even more surprised after watching the performance video of “Ditto”, which was uploaded on December 30th.

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It is because the choreography briefly shown through the music video and the one in the full performance version were not the same.

In the music video, NewJeans performed a gentle choreography, such as waving their arms slightly, to highlight their innocent and cute side. 

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However, the performance video contains many dynamic dances, such as body shakes and constant arms and legs movements. 

After watching the performance video, many fans expressed regret that they like the choreography before being changed better. According to fans, “Ditto” is a warm and sentimental song that tells the love story of a little girl, so the revised choreography does not match the mood of the song.

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Netizens also reacted, “This is not the ‘Ditto’ choreography I thought of”, “Like dinosaurs moving their front paws”, Please bring back the original choreography”, etc.

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