IVE leader An Yu Jin’s real-time reaction when Rei’s voice cracked

IVE Rei apologized for her “out of tune” mistake.

At the 2022 MBC Entertainment Awards held on Dec 29th, IVE performed “Love Dive” and “After Like” as a celebratory stage.

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In the first song “Love Dive”, Rei‘s voice cracked in the first verse. However, she led the stage flexibly without any change in expression. The other members continued the stage without being shaken. It was to the point that nobody thought Rei made an “out of tune” mistake.

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However, leader An Yu Jin‘s inner thoughts at that time were belatedly conveyed. After the awards ceremony, Rei apologized through the app Universe. She said, “It was a celebratory stage for an entertainment awards ceremony, but I’m sorry that my voice cracked too loud. Yu Jin said that she started to get nervous from then on. I was also very surprised, but I enjoyed it since I came to celebrate.

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An Yu Jin said that she was nervous, but her expression on stage was different. Netizens captured the scene in which An Yu Jin was smiling brightly after Rei’s voice cracked.

Netizens showed reactions such as “She was excited lol“, “She’s so cute“, “Happy puppy“, “That is the face of a nervous person? Haha“, “They performed live well“…

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