Han So-hee only found out about the bed scene during the shoot for “My Name”?

Actress Han So-hee’s interview for “My Name” is being re-examined.

Attention is focused on the bed scene of actress Han So-hee, who played Ji-woo in the Netflix original series “My Name”. Han So-hee told her behind-the-scenes story through a video interview with Netflix’s original series “My Name” on Oct 20th. 

Han So-hee

“My Name” is a Netflix series about the harsh revenge journey of Ji-woo (Han So-hee), who entered the organization and infiltrate the police under a new name to find the culprit who killed her father. In an interview, Han So-hee was asked, “I’ve heard that the bed scene with Ahn Bo-hyun was out of the blue, if so, how did you immerse yourself?” to which she said, “I only found out about the bed scene on the scene.”

Han So-hee

She thought at first, “Is this okay? I thought it would interfere with my immersion. After talking to the director and the writer, instead of a loving and affectionate bed scene, I thought of it as the first time I became human and thought it was just a device that made me want to live like a human,” she said.

Han So-hee

Some netizens who heard the interview said, “It would have been difficult to refuse if they only knew about the bed scene during filming, “I don’t know about anything else, but shouldn’t the cast know about the bed scene in advance when signing the contract,” and “It wouldn’t have been easy for the actor to refuse.”

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