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“Street Man Fighter” judge Wooyoung, “I decided to appear on this show even though I knew I would lose my image”

“Street Man Fighter” judges Wooyoung, BoA and Eunhyuk sincerely cheered for the dancers.

Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter”, which aired on the evening of October 18th, depicted the behind-the-scenes story of YGX, the second eliminated crew.

Street Man Fighter

On the broadcast, Wooyoung said to YGX after the crew was eliminated, “I decided to come to the program called ‘Street Man Fighter’ knowing that the seniors and I would lose our images. Why do you think I’m here? I came to this show because I like dancing. And I came to support and cheer for you all. So let’s just have fun”.

Eunhyuk couldn’t leave the set even after the filming ended and he was seen with an upset expression due to the elimination. He then said to MC Kang Daniel, “It’s so hard for me to do it (eliminate a team) with my own hands”

Street Man Fighter

When YGX Mood Dok visited BoA’s waiting room, BoA said, “I just want to promote the dancers. They’ve actually become more well-known, so I’m glad that I succeeded”.

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