TVING to release new original reality show ‘Between Marriage and Divorce’ featuring married couples who are considering divorce 

Korea’s domestic OTT platform TVING will debut ‘Between Marriage and Divorce’ this May.

TVING’s original ‘Between Marriage and Divorce’, which is scheduled to be released this upcoming May, is a new reality entertainment show that realistically depicts the marriage life of four couples who are contemplating divorce for different reasons.

With the number of divorces reaching 100,000 per year in Korea, the show is expected to convey sincere sympathy to couples who have experienced conflicts in their marriage by capturing the process of real-life couples finding each other’s happiness without sugar-coating it.

Happy End or Happy And

In 2021, TVING received much love from its subscribers by launching successful dating reality shows with different formats, such as ‘Transit Love’ and ‘Love Catcher in Seoul’. TVING, a local streamer that has proved itself to be a great creator of dating reality contents, is expected to attract viewers by presenting meaningful messages through ‘Between Marriage and Divorce‘.

The confirmed hosts for ‘Between Marriage and Divorce‘ are also drawing keen attention as they are believed to enrich the story the show will tell.  First, Kim Gura, who has been hosting SBS’s ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams’ for many years and sympathized with married couples’ stories and struggles, was named in the MC lineup. 

In addition, Kim Gura‘s son MC Gree, lyricist Kim Eana with 17-year marriage experience, Lee Seok Hoon, who has been a husband for 7 years and famous for his love for his wife, and mother-to-be Kim Min Jung, who has been married for 7 years, will also appear as hosts.

Based on their different experiences and perspectives, the hosts are expected to deliver pleasant, warm-hearted, and sympathetic talks on the show.  ‘Between Marriage and Divorce’ will premiere on TVING on May 20.

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