Former “Produce Camp 2019” participant was harassed by a fellow contestant

Lin Ran, who participated in Chinese survival show “Produce Camp 2019”, discussed the terrible harassment he endured throughout the show. 

In a livestream on December 30th, Lin Ran, a former participant of survival show “Produce Camp 2019”, revealed that a fellow contestant continuously harassed him and flirted with him. 

In particular, Lin Ran said that he was approached for resembling an important person to the aforementioned contestant, and that the contestant would tell him things like, “You look so cute”, “You behave so good”, and “You look so much like a girl”. 

“After we have separate rooms, he’d come to my place to talk and refuse to leave. When I turn off the light to sleep, he’d climb onto my bed. One time he even said he dreamed of me in a sexual manner.. He even said that now that he’s in my bed, we can make the dream come true”, Lin Ran said. 

According to Lin Ran, the contestant did not make it into the final Top 7, but he ranked pretty high. However, his fanbase was not overwhelmingly strong. 

Source: KGTH

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