The reason why SHINee Taemin once said he couldn’t see his discharge date: Depression – the shadow behind his bright smile

SHINee Taemin has been transferred to reservist duty due to symptoms of depression and panic disorder that he has been suffering from before. 


According to SM Entertainment’s report on January 14th, Taemin was transferred to reservist duty from the Ministry of Defense’s Military Band Service Support from today. Taemin has continuously been receiving treatments and counseling even during his military service period.

However, since his symptoms have recently worsened, the military came up with the judgment and measure that it is impossible for him to continue his military life and receive treatments at the same time. Accordingly, he will be transferred to reservist duty and will fulfill his military services as a social service worker.

Taemin entered the Army Training Center on May 31st last year and has been serving in the military band. In October last year, the Military Manpower Administration uploaded a video titled, “Private Lee Tae-min 30 Questions and Answers | The daily routine of a soldier in military band | Learning piano? | I’m using the training kit well”, on their official Youtube video.


In the video, Taemin introduced himself as a private first-class in the Military Band of the Ministry of National Defense’s Military Affairs Support Corps. He then said, “I wake up at 6:30 on weekdays, have breakfast, and then gather with other people at 9”, adding, “After hearing notices from the leader before work, I gather with my team and do my daily routine until noon. After having lunch, I get back to do my tasks then have dinner after work. After that, there is a personal maintenance time and evening roll call. Doing this routine steadily, I have gained 10kg.”

Also, “(My discharging day) is November 30, 2022, but I can’t see it,” adding, “I miss (my fans). They send a lot of gifts to the place where I work, and the letter in which they say they’re worried about me gives me a lot of strength,” he said, expressing his gratitude to fans.


Taemin debuted in the music industry as a member of SHINee in 2008. He was 16 years old when he debuted. Taemin, who was only a kid at that time, showed his growth through SHINee activities. In particular, he was the first member to release a solo album in 2014, transforming his image dramatically. He also actively worked as a member of SuperM, following SHINee and solo activities.

SM Entertainment said, “We will continue to do our best to help Taemin focus on treatment and stabilize his condition.” Taemin used to say he could not see his discharge date but is now fulfilling his duties as a social service worker. Hopefully, we can see Taemin smiling brightly as soon as possible

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